7: Reverse Suicide

7: Reverse Suicide

7: Reverse Suicide

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Reverse Suicide

by Matt Rasmussen

The guy Dad sold your car to
comes back to get his money,

leaves the car. With filthy rags
we rub it down until it doesn’t shine

and wipe your blood into
the seams of the seat.

Each snowflake stirs before
lifting into the sky as I

learn you won’t be dead.
The unsuffering ends

when the mess of your head
pulls together around

a bullet in your mouth.
You spit it into Dad’s gun

before arriving in the driveway
while the evening brightens

and we pour bag after bag
of leaves on the lawn,

waiting for them to leap
onto the bare branches.


"Reverse Suicide" from "Black Aperture." Copyright © 2013 by Matt Rasmussen. Used with the permission of LSU Press.