451: Dancing with Kiko on the Moon

451: Dancing with Kiko on the Moon

451: Dancing with Kiko on the Moon

This week, we're featuring poems related to outer space. Stars. Planets. Even aliens. What can we discover about ourselves, when we consider the cosmos?

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Dancing with Kiko on the Moon
by Rosebud Ben-Oni

On the far side we're kicking up tundra out of tú
& no one & no one
on earth can see

                              though they swear by
			      (-we) though do not sing to
			      moonwomen, sickle-hipped & shape
                                         -shifting & very well maybe & most certainly do
                                                                their wishes bounce
                                                       & chase after & chew
                                          our moondust
                     when we are carousing with stellar winds & moon-
Oh moon we're over the you about you
Dear moon do you need a tundra to look after
                     tú       dear familiar   dear shipwrecker
           salamander with wings of swallowtail
                                  lucky charm fisher-
                     queen waterless & aloof
It's just us two & we are twisters
that don't leave the ground to [ ]
Welcome to our moonhaus
& we don't have to ghost
shout— we're all the worlds living between tú
	            which is why the moon
                                                  wears her sunglasses at night
				                  where exploding stars fall
		                                  shock breakout bright
when kiko & I are kicking up
a tundra out of— tú
& summoning the sun & dew & oh
                                                 & howling until the wolves coo
					          until the cow jumps over [ ]
				                  & we enchantress
                               shine our super red from giants blue

                    & dear nasa rogue
			that's us collapsing
				  gravity so star power
					we vogue
          & oh meteorites & asteroids we set fire to
                   & make more than a planet out of
                              dear [ ]
                                     & dear moon
                                                   do you need a
                             do you need a
                                                            she looks
                                           the far side of
                                      we are
                    all the dark side moonwalking after you

"Dancing with Kiko on the Moon," by Rosebud Ben-Oni, from TURN AROUND, BRXGHT XYXS by Rosebud Ben-Oni, copyright © 2019 Rosebud Ben-Oni. Used by permission of the poet.