102: Love Poem

102: Love Poem

102: Love Poem

Love Poem

by Donika Kelly

1 Come morning we are fish.
   We flop and gasp and rub our scales
   against one another. We iridesce
   Orange and green and shred the flannel
   with our thrashing.

2 All day, away from you, I pine,
   bark and needle. I break into the bank
   of sky. Inside, there is a thick
   ring, the newest ring. A season
   of growth—of sun and water—

3 All day, away from me, I imagine you,
   the sun and water. You are salt and space
   and long, long arms of heat. Both the light
   and what reflects it.

4 When I see you again, I am the strongest
   man in the world. I hurl tires and pull trucks
   with my breast for you.
   You are also the strongest man
   in the world. You carry barrels of cement
   all over the house. When we arm wrestle,
   I tell you, between gritted teeth, of my life as a tree:
   How tall I was. 
   How brown and green.

5 At night, the bed is covered with pollen
   and scales. The room is bright and wet.
   My muscles are so small now.
   I fill my lungs with the entirety
   of your name, and your head
   on my breast rises and sets. Rises and sets.