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There are so many reasons to listen to The Slowdown®. Each time you tune in, you experience a moment of poetry and pause, as well as an opportunity for reflection with host Major Jackson. Listeners like you understand the importance of sharing poetry in community. Our supporters say it best: 


“The Slowdown is my daily dose of joy. The show introduces me to new poets, brings different poems to my attention, and inspires me daily.” - Cathy in West Jefferson, OH 

“The Slowdown is a time to wind down at the end of the day, to sit with a single poem. It has helped me encounter the work of new poets and creates a fantastic model for sharing poetry with others.” - Sara in Albuquerque, NM 

“I love starting my day with The Slowdown. It has enabled poetry to be a part of my everyday life.” - Jennifer in Ontario, Canada 


As a public media program, we rely on the support and generosity of listeners like you. If you’ve never given before, now is the time to give. Public media is vocally under attack and our values have been politicized, even escalating to calls to defund public media on the national stage. In this environment, it’s imperative that those who believe in the mission of The Slowdown – and public media as a whole – stand up for it and protect it. Our budget year ends June 30, so we’re asking our listeners to step up before then and help us enter a position of financial strength.  

When you show your support with a donation to the show, you join a community of listeners from around the world who value The Slowdown and public media programming. Listeners like you understand the importance of sharing poetry in community.  

Yet, there’s a lot to celebrate, and The Slowdown wants to join you in that joy. As an added incentive, we will also send supporters a special digital thank you gift to help you enjoy summer with loved ones and spark your creativity.  

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